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Jazzy Love Songs and a Smile! – The New 2021 EP!

If listening through a computer or phone, for proper and enjoyable sound reproduction, please use earphones, if playing through external speakers, let it rip. If you’d like to hear some Jazzy Love Songs right now, please check out the Spotify Player at the bottom of this page. Also check me out on Apple Music and Spotify!

If you have found your way to this page, then I’m a lucky guy! It’s been a fourteen year journey from my first CD, ‘Charles J – Crooner Classics’ to the production and performance of my new 2021 EP, Jazzy Love Songs and a Smile, a jazzy/swing approach to some awesome classic songs. Who would have thought the year 2020 would present the opportunity to get this project produced. Through the wonders of video communications, MP3 files and blue tooth technology, I was able to train with Chris Grasso whom I originally met through the Vocal Jazz Workshop in Tysons Corner Virginia.

After Crooner Classics I set a goal that my next musical production would be more refined, musically complex and engaging; I believe that goal has been met. With the presence of three excellent and professional jazz musicians, Chris Grasso on piano, Lenny Robinson on drums and Blake Meister on the string bass, this amateur vocalist was encouraged to bring his best.

As an independent vocalist/producer, word of mouth and social media is how the music gets noticed. If you listen and enjoy, please share this site with friends and family who may also enjoy Jazzy Love Songs and a Smile.

I hope you’ll listen to and enjoy Jazzy Love Songs and a Smile, an independently produced work.